Cut the Cord

My Concepts of Design class asked us to pair up with another student to write a manifesto that is related to design. My friend Ashley and I decided to address the increasing use of technology in our personal and working lives. Here’s our manifesto:

We, as designers, are spending an ever-increasing amount of our waking hours on digital devices. From keeping current with the latest design software programs to following the rapidly updating social media landscape, much of the mental bandwidth we once used to think, imagine and reflect is now being used to interact with technology. This makes it harder for us to embrace and explore our physical surroundings using our five senses, which is undoubtedly limiting our sources of creative inspiration and our minds’ capacity for creative thinking. Perhaps the time has now come for us to decrease the amount of time we are spending with technology.

After taking the class through our presentation, we handed out our visual solution, a manifesto card for everyone to hold on to and hopefully, use as a reminder to be less reliant on technology. Here’s the card I designed: