James Gulliver Hancock, is an illustrator originally from Australia and once lived in Brooklyn. He is currently attempting to draw all the buildings in New York. An ambitious task, but whether he completes it or not, he has already made some delightful drawings. Delightful enough that The New York Time recently interviewed him. As you’ll read, he’s since moved back to Sydney, but continues his project using postcards and Google Maps. You can search his website for your building or neighborhood.

By James Gulliver Hancock


If I was lucky enough to have a vacation home it would have to be a summer cottage by the water and I wouldn’t mind if it looked like this:

Two interior designers from Los Angeles fell in love with Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island and built this simple Scandinavian-style cottage on a hilltop. Charming, sweeping views and seclusion…definitely my top requirements for a dream home. See more pictures and read the article here in NYT’s Home & Garden section.