A Blog for My Photography

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to different corners of the world, and picked up a love of photography along the way. I recently started a blog – Minjal’s Photography – to share the photos I’m most proud of. The site is still in construction mode, and I’ve got a lot more photography to add, but feel free to check out some of my older work in the meantime. I’m not a professional photographer, but taking pictures has helped me develop a stronger eye. A successful photograph has to be a solid composition, just like a well-designed poster or book layout.

IMG_4784Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia (taken by Minjal Dharia, December 2010)

My photography for the Smithsonian

Back when I was planning to design a digital archive, I had started to take photos around New York City of Indian American events. In April and August, the city had two annual parades, one honoring Sikhs, and another for Indian Independence Day. The IAHP is looking for community-generated content, so when I mentioned that I had taken photographs to Masum, she asked if I would like feature some of them in the future exhibition. Of course, I said yes! The photos selected are shown above.