Ergonomic is Beautiful

I’ve been looking for an ergonomic computer desk for a long time now. Until recently, I could only find flat-out ugly ones like this one:


But my long-suffering shoulders have kept me on the search and recently, I came across Heckler Design’s OneLessDesk. It instantly made its way to the top of my wish list. This intuitively designed desk is minimalist, made of stainless steel and comes in two parts – an upper deck for your screen and a lower deck for your keyboard. The lower deck slips easily under the upper desk, which is pretty awesome for city apartments like mine where space is limited. The back of the top desk has a hidden shelf to store wires and accessories tidily and out of sight. And most importantly for me, the lower desk is at a height where I don’t have to reach up with my arms to type and use a mouse.

The price is pretty steep (go figure), but I haven’t been able to find another ergonomic desk that comes close to Heckler’s. This really makes me wonder though…aren’t we at a point now when office furniture should be well-designed for humans? Badly designed desks and chairs can cause discomfort, pain and even serious injury. Given the amount of hours we now spend at out desks, there should be more options in the market.